Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know


If you enjoyed the first two seasons of Log Horizon and its unique universe, you will be delighted to know that season 3 is on the way. It will soon arrive on our screens, to the delight of fans. Entitled Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai, it will relate the sequence of events logically.

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What Release Date For Season 3 Of Log Horizon?

The third season of Log Horizon lands on January 13, 2021 in Japan and France. The simulcast was entrusted to the ADN site (anime-digital network) which will offer a VOSTFR version a few hours after its broadcast in the land of the rising sun. It will therefore be possible to watch this anime for free.

Which Studio?

Unfortunately for some, it is the Deen studio which is in charge of the animation of this third season. For many, the work provided is not of good enough quality and is not faithful to the work. If in doubt, let’s wait and see what the Log Horizon S3 will look like and especially the nature of the fights. The director is Shinji Ishihira, who notably worked on the Fairy Tail saga. Below, you can find a video that gives a taste …

Number Of Episodes

Season 3 of Log Horizon will consist of only 12 episodes.


For the moment, a first promotional video has been broadcast. This is the opportunity to receive the first images of this third season, and to know a little more. It is relatively short, it will probably take a few more weeks to obtain the first real communications. They will be directly integrated into the article when they become available.


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