The Mess You Leave Season 2: What’s The Release Date?


“The Disaster You Leave Behind,” originally titled “The mess You Leave,” was created by Carlos Montero, who has also written the hit Netflix series “Elite.” This thriller drama is based on the award-winning novel of the same name. When Raquel joins the school in Galicia, she learns a dark secret about a person who once held the same position at school as her. The series brings together various themes such as trust, despair, longing, and redemption in one riveting drama. Naturally, fans just want to know if there are more after the first season. This is what we know!

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The first season of The mess You Leave landed in its entirety on December 11, 2020 on Netflix. Season 1 comprises eight episodes of 35-56 minutes each.

Here’s what we know about season 2. The final episode of season 1 features all the cards and offers a conclusive resolution to each of the characters. Also, the creators have not announced any plans to continue the story. We think that taking both factors into account, Season 2 of “The Mess You Leave” will probably be canceled.


In the first season, Raquel’s interest in Viruca’s death has become almost an obsession. As she gets closer to the truth, she fears more for her life and ultimately cannot trust anyone. By the end of season 1, all the secrets have come to light, and Raquel is about to face the same fate as Viruca. Iago has changed his mind since he has also stopped being used by Tomás as a doormat. It is revealed that Tomás had pushed Iago into prostitution from a young age, which takes its toll. This is what Iago had shared with Viruca, who used the evidence to blackmail Tomás. The final episode ends with the arrest of Tomás and his accomplice, Gabriel. Raquel quits her job and decides to go back to her mother’s apartment and write. She and German eventually part ways but remain on good terms.

In an interview with Variety, Carlos Montero spoke about the inspiration behind the series and said: “We are always dealing with bullying between students, and yet many teachers can tell you when they feel attacked by students and are afraid to even go to school. a class”. It’s scary when someone tells it in the first person. So I wanted to talk about that, the arrival of a young teacher to a place where he is received with hostility, without knowing why.


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