The Walking Dead: It Is Confirmed When Will Be The Return Of Rick Grimes To The Screen


The Walking Dead will return to fan screens starting February 28, 2021 as planned by AMC since last month, with the final 6 episodes of season 10.

Let us remember that since last October 12 of this year, the final episodes of the tenth installment of the zombie drama began to occur after the long pause to which they were subjected due to the blockade generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans of The Walking Dead remain hopeful that Rick Grimes will appear on screen again, as the iconic character did not die in season 9.

Of which if fans can be sure from now on, is that Rick Grimes will return in 2021 with the trilogy of The Walking Dead films that will narrate the life of the character.

It turns out that a director of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead apparently revealed when we will finally see the return of Rick Grimes in the franchise.

And it was in the program’s own official Twitter account where Rick Grimes’ return date was revealed after it asked fans what they most expect in 2021.

In this regard, The Walking Dead writer, director and producer Rosemary Rodríguez quickly responded to the question. This is what the series director wrote, referring to the Rick Grimes movie trilogy:

Of course, we can’t understand this as an official announcement, but it is a good indication that one of the Walking Dead movies about the character will arrive in 2021.


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