This Is The Character Who Will Not Be In Season 6 Of Lucifer


Although Lucifer season 6 does not have a release date yet and some recordings are still being made, hypotheses have already been made about the elimination of one of the most beloved characters. It is about Chloe who apparently will have an unexpected death at the end of the second part of the fifth installment, and therefore, will no longer continue in this Netflix production.


The fans have created a series of speculations about the romance between Lucifer and Chloe, for them, the woman who fell in love with the diabolical protagonist will suffer a tragic accident that will lead to death and therefore, is not present in season 6. The conclusion is given after the absence of actress Lauren German from the recording set, where it has been seen how the entire cast has attended to give continuity to the story created by Joe Henderson.

In her opinion, she is the only and very notable absent, so it is very likely that she is the so-called character who would lose her life in the fifth installment, as mentioned by Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Mazikeen, during an interview. “An unexpected death is coming in the fifth season.”

It only remains to hope that images of the filming continue to be shown or filtered on networks to discover if this hypothesis is a reality or is it just speculations derived from the desire to know what will happen in this season finale of one of the most popular stories. hellish and entertaining Netflix.


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