Tiny Pretty Things Season 2: What’s The Netflix Release Date?


Tiny Pretty Things is available on Netflix! If you want to know when the second season is coming out, read on! Tiny Pretty Things is a dramatic ballet series that follows the events of an elite ballet academy in Chicago, the Archer School of Ballet. After a tragic incident, the star student is replaced by Neveah, who soon realizes that the world she has entered is one of darkness, betrayal, and fierce competition.

Created by Michael MacLennan, the series is based on the novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. It aired in December 2020 on Netflix. The drama series is interspersed with haunting ballet sequences, suspense, and betrayal – a captivating mix that has garnered a lot of attention. Could this mean there will be a season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things? That’s what we’re going to find out!


The first season of Tiny Pretty Things aired on Netflix on December 14, 2020. The first season consists of ten episodes of 54 to 58 minutes each. For season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things, renewal news is expected. However, the end of season 1 seems to be a promising starting point for another season. Additionally, the book on which the series is based also has a second novel titled “Shining Broken Pieces.”

The story of the Chicago Ballet School continues. Therefore, although the sources are available, it remains to be determined how the series is developing on Netflix. If the result is favorable and Tiny Pretty Things is renewed. We can expect the Tiny Pretty Things season 2 release date to be set for 2022.


In the first season Cassie returns to ballet school to make a public statement to the press. It is revealed that although Cassie accuses Bette of having pushed her out of the building. Bette’s sister, Delia, is responsible. Delia convinces Bette to take the blame and makes her understand why pushing Cassie off the roof might have been a good idea. The students reveal a shocking truth about Madame DuBois in a highly anticipated performance.

The ballet school receives donations from influential people in the business world in exchange for dancers of their choice who often find themselves in dangerous situations. The last episode of the season ends with the appointment of Katrina as the new director. While Ramón is found stabbed in the chest. If there is a second season of Tiny Pretty Things, we will see Cassie fighting Neveah, Bette, and June. As stated at the end of season 1, Cassie plays a role in the death of Ramon, who also happens to be June’s father.

Bette has to settle accounts with Cassie, who blames her for her downfall. But the question will remain whether or not Bette has “earned” her position as Whitelaw. Although Katrina is named as the new principal, will she be able to keep the position? With Topher and Caleb supporting Madame in the last episode of season 1, they may have a game to play. Especially since Cassie claims that she already “won” just before Ramón was found dead. It’s clear that the direction will see some muddy changes if there is a Tiny Pretty Things season 2. Oren and Bette seem to be getting closer again. Could this lead to problems in Neveah’s relationship with Oren? To know the explanation of the end of the first season in detail, read this.

On the casting side, if there is a season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix. Almost every member of the main cast will return to reprise their roles, except perhaps Murguia. Since Ramón dies at the end of season 1, we won’t see Murguia unless there are flashback scenes about him. There could be other possible changes, as new actors could join the cast.


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