What Will Happen To Mel And Jack In Season 3 Of “Virgin River”


Virgin River“, also known as “A place to dream” in Latin America, is one of the most viewed series on Netflix. The fiction starring Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson shows us the romantic story of Mel and Jack that has captivated audiences to the point that they are already asking for a third season.

At the end of the second season of “Virgin River”, Mel and Jack managed to cope with their relationship despite Charmaine’s pregnancy, Hope and Doc rekindled their relationship, we witnessed the complicated past of Paige and Christopher, in addition to continuing to meet more characters from the town of “Virgin River”.

The story is based on a series of 21 novels by the author Robyn Carr, so the production team of the series is pending to maintain the essence of the author. And while some changes have been made to the fiction, viewers wonder what’s next, especially with the future of Mel and Jack. Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenne has taken it upon herself to clear up some of the fan’s doubts.

What will happen to the future of Mel and Jack?

The goal of Sue Tenney and her writers is to make sure that whatever changes the series shows, the characters end up in the same place as in the novels. “Everything we do that is not taken directly from the books, we do it in the spirit of Robyn’s books,” SensaCine collects.

Likewise, Tenney said the “Virgin River” team is very comfortable working with the Netflix dynamic: “They don’t rush us to go somewhere. They let us tell the story and, as a narrator, that is addictive, “he added.

This is one of the reasons why Mel and Jack did not have sex in the first season. “If you’ve read the books, you know that sex is a big part of them. But I didn’t feel like the first season was about that. I wanted to wait. We focus on a shorter time frame. We were afraid of missing some really cool things between these characters, “he told the TV Guide site.

In addition, he gave more clues about the future of the couple: “In life, relationships are tested by internal and external conflicts, often over and over again. Mel and Jack are no different. ”

“The question is, will they be able to persevere? I think we all support them, but relationships are complicated and these two characters have a great mountain to climb, even though they share a deep love and emotional connection, “he added.


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