Bridgerton: 5 Things You Should Know About The Actor Who Has Everyone Crazy On Netflix


The popular Netflix platform premiered its new period drama, Bridgerton, which has managed to gain a large number of viewers in just a few days. But the actor who is giving something to talk about is Regé-Jean Page.

30-year-old actor Regé-Jean Page plays the handsome and mysterious Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, in the new Netflix series that began airing on December 25.

The reason why we will show you 5 things you should know about this actor who is giving something to talk about on the Netflix platform, Regé-Jean Page.

Bridgerton is not the first program of the actor Regé-Jean Page

Before Bridgerton, Regé-Jean starred in the legal drama For The People, produced by Shonda Rhimes. The series aired for two seasons on ABC. Then she got the call from popular producer Rhimes for her new role.

The actor grew up in Zimbabwe

Regé-Jean grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. He moved to London at the age of 14. During those early years, the actor traveled a lot. “We were in Zimbabwe [until I was 14 years old]. But during that period my family was quite dispersed, I have family in South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Granada, Florida, so I make pit stops and you grow with your perspective, “he told Interview magazine.

Regé-Jean also had her first role in the Roots remake

The actor played Chicken George in the 2016 History Channel miniseries. The role was Regé-Jean’s American television debut, and he received critical acclaim for his performance.

The actor was also featured in the recent Amazon movie, “Sylvie’s Love.”
Bridgerton is not his only role in this year 2020, Regé-Jean also stars in the romantic film Sylvie’s Love as Chico Sweetney. The movie was released on December 23 on Amazon Prime. The actor stars alongside actress Tessa Thompson.


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