Everything We Known About The Second Season Of Taboo That Never Comes


Tom Hardy wanted to have his own series and did it. In January 2017 he premiered Taboo, which he had created together with his father Chips and the renowned screenwriter Steven Knight, known above all for Peaky Blinders. At the time the BBC and the US channel FX, which produced the series, reported that they had renewed the series for a second season but we never heard from it again. This August, after more than two years, we finally have new details (and they are not good at all).

The reason why this second season has not been released is because it has not been shot, it is not even written and nobody is clear if it will end up existing. Tom Hardy, a sought-after actor in Hollywood after his presence in films such as Venom, Dunkirk, Mad Max: Fury Road, or The Revenant, is too busy to spend a few months on the conception and filming of the second season, which Steven Knight you already have in mind.

The problem is this: Tom Hardy has other priorities and does not make a hole in the agenda for ‘Taboo’ “

In fact, the British screenwriter has planned plots for a second and a third season but the lack of availability of Hardy prevents him from working seriously on the project. “It all depends on Tom; It depends on what Tom wants to do, when he wants to do it, when he is available ”, explained John Landgraf, FX director, during a meeting with the specialized press according to Deadline.

Regarding Tom Hardy, he wanted to make it clear that he seems interested in Taboo: “He seems very emotionally committed to the character, despite everything, and very committed to this series. “In fact, they have come to consider the production of a second season where Hardy is not necessarily the center of all the plots so that it is easier to shoot the new episodes.

The screenwriter Steven Knight even considers that the plots do not revolve around the character of Hardy so that filming is easier “

This would be a huge departure from the starting point for Taboo, where Hardy was the only clear star of the show. It all started when, at the beginning of the 19th century, James Delaney (Hardy) returned to London to attend his father’s funeral. It was soon discovered that he had pending accounts, internal grudges and that he planned to survive and take revenge in that London with practices unusual in England.

Will there be, therefore, new episodes of Taboo? According to Landgraff, he does not rule out that these two seasons occur “relatively soon” as there will not be any. Hardy, maybe it’s time you gave priority to the project you launched yourself, right? On HBO Spain, which aired the first season, they would surely appreciate it.

On the FX channel, they imagine both a “relatively early” filming of the two seasons and that they never end up existing “


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