Good Girls Season 4: Release Date And Everything You Should To Know


Created by Jenna Bans, ” Good Girls ” (“Good girls” in Spanish) is an original series from NBC, released in 2018 and broadcast to date, both in its original signal and through Netflix in Latin America and Europe. The program has three seasons, although the last of these only gathered 11 episodes, due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic stopped its production.

The series tells the story of Ruby (Retta), Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Annie (Mae Whitman), three mothers who live in the suburbs of Michigan and who to solve their financial problems decide to rob a supermarket. However, the robbery is complicated and since then they go from one critical situation to another.

The first two installments were very successful both on television and on the streaming platform. The third season of “Good Girls” premiered on NBC in February of this year and only 11 of the 16 available chapters could be broadcast. This happened as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak that shut down production throughout the entertainment industry. Therefore, fans have been eagerly awaiting confirmation regarding the future of the show.

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Will “Good Girls” Have Season 4 On Netflix?

NBC has decided to choose to keep the series “Good Girls” on the grid and has given the green light for a fourth season. The news was confirmed on YouTube on May 15 with the cast gathering for a special Zoom shoot to announce the news.

In the video, the actors were overjoyed and many said they couldn’t wait to start filming. One of the people involved in the program said: “On behalf of your study, we are incredibly grateful.

“You guys have been such incredible fans of this show from day one. We are very happy and congratulations to all of you.”

According to Deadline, the show had very good ratings and became the network’s number two show on digital platforms in its third season.

When Will “good Girls” Season 4 Release?

While the fourth season of Good Girls has received the green light, an official release date has yet to be confirmed.

Considering that the last three seasons of the show aired in late February and early March, fans would be able to watch the series starting in February 2021.

However, the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic that has halted production in the industry must be taken into account.

UK fans could wait a bit longer as the show has not currently launched in the country. And there is still no confirmed release date on Netflix.

As recalled, the series launched in June, so fans should expect to see it in a similar time frame again. If this is the case, Season 4 could drop in the UK sometime around June 2021.


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