Gravity Falls And Its Possible Third Season (Additional Material July 2020)


Gravity Falls is an outstanding animated series, it has a charming story, endearing characters and beautiful animation; She is also intelligent and treats her audience as such, she is very funny with her simple and hilarious humor, her range of colors captures children and adults alike. But will there be a Gravity Falls season 3?

Gravity Falls: A Summer of Mysteries; is an animated television series, created by Alex Hirsch, created by Disney Chanel and later for Disney XD. It is a story of twin brothers named Dipper and Mabel, who spend their summer vacations in their great-uncle Stan’s cabin, located in an Oregon town called Gravity Falls, where paranormal and supernatural events occur.

A characteristic element is that in addition to telling the story, the story has hidden elements and codes that appear during the episodes, these provide clues about mysteries and plots and viewers can solve them using the methods of César, A1Z26, Atbash and Take revenge.

The series premiered in the United States on June 15, 2012, in Latin America it officially premiered on October 6, 2012, while in Spain it premiered on June 7, 2013, and the finale was broadcast on May 28, 2016 in Spain. and Latin American.

The Second Season Of Gravity Falls

On November 20, 2015, the creator of the series, Alex Hersch, announced that the second season was taken by him so that he would not lose his spark. The show concluded in a marathon of all the episodes of the series and finally the special and final episode entitled “Weirdmageddon” was staged.

The series won Emmy Awards and in 2014 it won an achievement in animation, Annie Awards for the best voice actor in children’s animated television and 2015 for best-animated series.

Alex Hirsch created the concept in a concept in a concept in a pilot episode while studying at the California Institute of the Arts. The plot is inspired by the childhood of Hirsch himself and his twin sister during their summer vacation, while Stam was based on his grandfather of the same name.

Will There Be Gravity Falls Season 3?

And now fans of this series it is said that possibly there will be Gravity Falls season 3 in July 2020, but there will be no third season and it is something that has already been confirmed many months ago.

Alex Hirsch is no longer working at Disney, he is now at FOX working on a new animated project that might have references to the Gravity Falls Universe but it will be a new story with new characters in a different place.

However, the Universe of the series is so rich that it will continue to expand with additional Material that will be released on July 26,  2020 as the Replica of Diary 3 that will contain the entire history of Ford while he was on the portal and more secrets about the Town, or the book Choose-your-own adventure that will tell us a story where the Twins team up with Blendin to stop the evil Pirates of Time.

In addition, Disney is discussing with Alex Hirsch the possibility of having comics that continue the story.

But all is not lost … Alex has said that eventually, in a few years he could return to Gravity Falls with a movie, a special or a Spin-off.


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