The Mess You Leave: The Creator’s Response To A Second Season


Just a few days ago we talked about El desorden que dejas, the new Spanish Netflix series created by Carlos Montero based on his own eponymous book.

The thriller takes place in a town in Galicia and revolves around Raquel Valero, a teacher who begins to work at an institute where a suspicious death has taken place. On her first day at work, and after finding a malicious note in her bag that says “And you, how long will it take you to die?”, The literature teacher begins to fear for her life.

Her illusion to teach classes will collide with the students who receive her with that macabre welcome and she will soon discover who the teacher she is replacing, Viruca, was and how she has marked everyone’s lives. Raquel will thus begin her own search to discover the truth in a place where everyone seems to keep secrets.

After the successful premiere that positioned the series among the most-watched on the platform, many have begun to wonder if there will be a second season. Unfortunately for the fans, that will not happen and this was explained by Montero in an interview with Sensa Cine :

“It’s a miniseries. It’s based on a book. I love that the series have many seasons, but when they are conceived like that. I want Elite to be Netflix’s Grey’s Anatomy. I want it to last 20 seasons. But this one has to last one season. . It’s like this. I watch Big Little Lies and I think: ‘poor guys, why did you do a second season? I understand their overwhelming success, but normally they had to tell what they had to tell. What do I do if I do a second season? Do I make Raquel a private investigator? It just doesn’t make sense. It had to be closed and I closed it like this. novel”.

The Disorder You Leave is starring Inma Cuesta, Bárbara Lennie, Tamar Novas, Arón Piper, Roberto Enríquez and Roque Ruíz. The eight episodes that make up its only season are now available on the streaming platform. Check out the trailer below:




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