The Price Of Perfection Season 2: Premiere Date And Spoilers


The Price of Perfection is a new teen drama series that debuted on Netflix on December 14. Following students at a prestigious ballet school in Chicago, the series slowly reveals that some are harboring a dark secret.

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Release date

Due to the current global situation, it is somewhat difficult to make predictions for Netflix productions. Recorded in 2019, The Price of Perfection debuted only in December 2020.

If the renewal is confirmed at the beginning of 2021, we do not expect a premiere before December 2021. Or, even, at the beginning of 2022.


Except for any major death, viewers hope that the majority of the cast will return for the second season.

This includes Kylie Jefferson in the lead role as the new girl Neveah. Other returning cast members may include Daniela Norman, Shaun Benson, Damon J Gillespie and Casimere Jollette.

Brennan Clost, Michael Hsu Rosen, Barton Cowperthwaite as well as Lauren Holly are also expected to return.

Spoilers: what could happen?

There is potential for the series to continue into a second season. That’s because Netflix based The Price of Perfection on the book Tiny Pretty Things, by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra. Also, there is also a second book in the series called Shiny Broken Pieces.

In this way, the book continues the story of Chicago’s prestigious ballet school, so there are many outstanding issues.

In season 1, Neveah (Kylie Jefferson) is shocked when she is accepted into Archer after being initially rejected. She later discovers that her place has been opened up by the sudden and mysterious death of student star Cassie Shore (Anna Maiche). Therefore, starting a domino effect that reveals the school’s most tragic secrets.

As she continues to discover these mysteries, Neveah finds herself against Bette (Casimere Jollette), June (Daniela Norman), Shane (Brennan Clost) and her other classmates – each dancer for themselves.

According to Goodreads, Shiny Broken Pieces is chosen during the final competition of the class for placement at the American Ballet Company. ” With the stakes higher than ever, these girls have everything to lose. “says the synopsis. “And nobody is playing well.”

In an interview with Metrosource, Clost – who is a professional dancer – shared his enthusiasm for the possibility of a second season.


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