Better Call Saul Season 6: Why The Krazy-8 Story Needs To Be Reactivated


Better Call Saul needs to end Krazy-8 (Domingo Gallardo Molina) in his ending and the story between Hank. Better Call Saul ramps up Breaking Bad with each series of episodes that pass as the series catches up.

Seeing Dean Norris in Breaking Bad is undoubtedly fun. But there are many questions within this story. Krazy-8 is the story that ties much of it together. On the one hand, he is loyal to Lalo, however, in Breaking Bad, Gomez and Hank suggest that Krazy-8 is still his source.

Viewers have no idea if Krazy-8 is trustworthy to the Salamanca family until his death at the hands of Walter White (Bryan Cranston). In Hank’s opinion, are your reservations supported? Never find out that your group is being sent by Lalo in search of something in return? The Krazy-8 narrative is disconnected between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, although both screens line up together.

There are a couple of things that need to be addressed in Better Call Saul season 6. To end Krazy-8, who has been part of the spin-off during the private story for some time? And secondly, linking Hank’s previous story to his future in Breaking Bad.

A likely answer may be to build on what fans already know. In Better Call Saul season 6, Lalo’s problem will somehow be solved. This leads to the Salamanca gang. Lalo’s hooligans will probably go with him. Krazy-8 is lucky to be a “friend of the DEA”.

Better Call Saul has to settle for his final season. A minor trendsetter could struggle to confirm as many plot threads without conflict between both ends of the narrative.


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