Cobra Kai: A Sweetheart From Johnny’s Past Will Be Back In Season 3


The Cobra Kai season 2 finale left Karate Kid fans around the world on the edge of their seats, as the series introduced multiple cliffhangers that should be solved in the next season.

While Miguel’s fate after his downfall was the main concern leading up to season 3, people have had their minds set on taking Johnny’s phone in the sand as he revealed that Ali Mills was trying to reach him on Facebook.

For their part, fans of the series have been waiting for Ali ( Elisabeth Shue ) to return, and that ending made it look like he would finally return to the Valley in season three, but now that Netflix has released season three, we have the answer.

Likewise, it is already confirmed that Ali will return to the world of Karate Kid in season 3 of Cobra Kai, and the original actress will step in to reprise the role.

Unfortunately for fans who have been waiting for Ali’s return for some time, he won’t appear on the show until the last few episodes of the season.

On the other hand, there is a whole story in this season of Cobra Kai that makes fun of Ali’s appearance, in which Johnny tries to learn social media to impress his high school girlfriend where messages are sent back and forth by which makes us think that she will appear at some point.

Preparing for Ali’s arrival makes his Cobra Kai debut a bit surprising. You start to think that he won’t appear until the end of the season, but the eighth episode of season 3 begins with Ali returning to his mother’s house for the holidays, revealing that he is back in the Valley.

The next three episodes see Ali and Johnny reunite and talk about the relationship they had in high school. In turn, Ali is not the only character from the Karate Kid franchise to return in season 3, but he was the only one who was kept a secret.


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