Robert Rodriguez Is Hopeful In A ‘Alita 2’ Released By Disney +


“Alita: Battle Angel” was not a brilliant success, but the director has taken a liking to the character.

The gestation of Alita: Battle Angel from Yukito Kishiro’s manga had developed over several years with James Cameron as the main promoter. It finally premiered last year with Robert Rodriguez as director, and although the critical reception was not enthusiastic at all, it did have a very decent box office. Enough so that Rodriguez, in love with the character played by Rosa Salazar, has declared several times since then how much he would like to create a sequel to continue the story.

Rodriguez, now very much in vogue thanks his celebrated participation in The Mandalorian and the premiere of Superniños on Netflix, has recently spoken about the issue again. In an interview with Forbes, the Mexican director says he believes that Disney + could be a good place for Alita 2, considering a direct streaming premiere. “I believe that everything is possible. Disney bought Fox and it has Disney +, so it’s worth talking about. I know a lot of people would love to see a sequel, and I would love to do it, “he said.

“Regardless of how this is done, I think streaming has opened up a lot of opportunities in terms of sequels. It is already a sold concept, it has an audience behind it, and we can give it to them with the easiest mode of consumption. It is not a bad idea”. Rodriguez is not disgusted to skip the traditional exhibition window, although he does not seem to contemplate a small problem: the rating of Alita: Battle Angel, which prevents her from being part of the Disney + catalog.

The House of the Mouse indeed has other ways to be able to take charge of such a premiere, and in fact, throughout this year Star will disembark in several countries: a new category in Disney + of which the contents not recommended for minors. Maybe it would be a good home for Alita 2, as it will be for the Alien series that Noah Hawley is preparing.


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