While You Were Sleeping, Jennifer Lopez Posted Her Most Amazing Nude (And Did A Lot) Of Other Things


While in Spain we were already sleeping the virtual hangover of the most special bells, Jennifer López had the busiest schedule of her life with a vertiginous New Year’s Eve. And it is that JLo is a machine to work, to make money and to leave people OPEN, so he did that between December 31, 2020 and January 1, 2021. His planning was dizzying and we are going to start with the image that has made us wake up with an instant WHOW: he has published an incredible nude (hers, of course) to promote a song he has just released, In The Morning. Anyway, let’s remember that Jen is almost 52 years old and that she is not from this planet.

It does not teach anything but it teaches everything: it shows a sculpted BODY based on a privileged genetic heritage, years of the gym, dance and training and perseverance and hard work. The result is abs of steel – it doesn’t hurt to remember that she was pregnant with twins at the time) – ultra-molded arms and dreamy skin. Of course, it is the most BEAUTIFUL image to start 2021, that’s for sure.

But it was by no means the only thing Jennifer did last night, who had a frantic night. Her first beauty line, JLo Beauty, also went on sale officially. Unbeatable date to acquire it if your New Year is resolved to have wonderful skin and with that GLOW so typical of the star because at last all its products are for sale.

He made an absolutely unforgettable photo session on line 6 of the New York subway, completely deserted and customized with the image of JLo Beauty. What’s so special about that line? Well, it’s the one that she picked up every day from the Bronx when she began to carve out a career in show business and that gave her name to that album that you’ve listened to at least 3,000 times, On The 6.

Dressed as Cinderella, in a flowing sky blue tulle dress, topped with an impossible jacket with shoulder pads and towering boots, Jen talked about her first line of beauty sitting in the wagon, playing with the bars of it … And yes, it’s The successful woman she is today is very different from the girl who commutes by subway every day to fight for a niche in show business. But I’m Still Jenny From The Block in many ways. Well, the physical, as we have seen in that first image with which we have awakened.

Wait, friend, that yesterday Jen gave much more of herself: before the end of the year she performed live in a desert Times Square (due to the restrictions of the pandemic) and interpreted Dream, by Aerosmith. She still had time to go home and have a JLo Beauty after-party surrounded by her family and friends and doing a live chat about her beauty line.

We’re tired just thinking about how Jennifer Lopez’s day was yesterday. And what will you do on day 1, as soon as you have rested a little? Surely he takes a walk in the gym, we have no doubt. Happy New Year Jen!


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