Will There Be Season 4? Ralph Macchio And William Zabka Discuss The Future Of ‘Cobra Kai’


Cobra Kai, a Netflix series that continues the story that began the Karate Kid movie in 1984, premiered its third season this Friday. Although it will not be the last, as the protagonists of the program, Ralph Macchio ( Daniel LaRusso) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), revealed that they are about to start working on the next installment.

“We are thinking about the fourth season, we started working on it in a few weeks. The show has a long way to go and we are having fun with it,”Zabka said a few days ago in an interview with the portal LADbible.
In the same talk, Macchio revealed that “loss writers feel they have six seasons in the head where the story arcs can go.”

“You don’t want to stay longer than necessary, but the fans are having fun and there is more to the story. As long as we are allowed to continue, Billy and I are in,” he added.
In addition, Jon Hurwitz, co-creator of the series also talked about the next installment in an interview with the CinemaBlend site.

” Season 4 is already planned. And we have plans beyond that. We have not discussed with Netflix about when the series will end, but we have expressed that if there is a period of time where they say ‘Enough of this business of Cobra Kai ‘, let us know so we can conclude things properly, “said the creative.


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