Zack Snyder Confirms That The Song ‘A Beautiful Lie’ Will Play Again In Justice League


The American producer and screenwriter Zack Snyder , recognized worldwide for his work in DC for films such as Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, confirmed this Thursday morning that we will hear the song ‘A Beautiful Lie’ again in Justice League .

He also mentioned that the movie is 99% finished.

Millions of fans are excited and have shared the #RestoreTheSnyderverse hashtag thousands of times as, as we know, Snyder was unable to finish the first film due to his daughter’s health issues.

This tape is expected to see the light of day in March 2021.

A new image of Wonder Woman vs Steppenwolf has also been shared on social networks

Media indicates that this version will be released on Apple TV, Google Play Movies and Roku, outside the United States, where there is still no HBO


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