Lucifer Season 6: The New DC Character Who Could Join The Series


John Constantine is a Lucifer– like superhero character who first appeared in the DC comic series Swamp Thing, this controversial character also appeared in the Arrow verse and even had a face-to-face encounter with Lucifer.

John Constantine, despite having an encounter in Arrow verse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths with Lucifer, has yet to appear in the Lucifer universe and fans were expecting him to appear in the upcoming fifth season.

However, there has been no news or sightings of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) on the set of Lucifer, so fans have accepted that an appearance by him may be unlikely in season five.

Tom Ellis appeared as Lucifer Morningstar in DC Universe’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Constantine (Matt Ryan) to return the favor in the Devil’s world.

In the Arrow verse episode, Lucifer Morningstar met John Constantine on Earth-666. Constantine, Mia (Katherine McNamara), and Diggle (David Ramsey) had visited Lucifer to ask for help getting to Purgatory.

As the fifth season of Lucifer has yet to be released, fans have been speculating about what might happen in season six if Netflix gives it the go-ahead.


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