Nailed It! Mexico: When Does The Third Season Premiere On Netflix


Nailed It! Mexico will return to the Netflix screen with a new season of its reality show about pastry. The show will once again put amateur contestants to the test as they will have to make difficult professional cake replicas. After two successful seasons, the service prepares the premiere of the third part. When it premieres?

“Yes, we can! Omar Chaparro returns with a new season of Nailed it! Mexico. There will be new recipes, new challenges and more guests”, is the official synopsis of the platform together with the trailer presented at Christmas with funny scenes of the challenges that the contestants will have to go through.

When does the third season of Nailed It! Mexico on Netflix?

The third season of Nailed It! Mexico will be available this Tuesday, January 5, 2021. There will be six episodes of average 30 minutes that will each distribute 200 thousand Mexican pesos (about 10,565 dollars). “Nailed It! Mexico, everything is always beautiful because the intention is what counts”, is the slogan of the program.

Omar Chaparro and Anna Ruiz will once again be the hosts along with important judges who have not yet come to light. They complement each other masterfully because the former is a proven radio and television host, while the latter is a pastry chef who excels at preparing exquisite and striking desserts.

Nailed It! It was originally born in the United States in March 2018 and from its success it had different versions in Mexico, France, Spain and Germany.


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