Riverdale: Meet The Revealing Synopsis Of The First Episode Of Season 5 Of The Series


The CW will deliver Riverdale season 5 to fans starting January 21, 2021, which has been waiting for several months.

Since the fifth season went into production, the creator of the Riverdale drama has released some clues and some of what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes.

Last week, Riverdale released the promotional poster for season 5, causing a lot of buzz from fans. Now, the series is previewing what the first minutes of the premiere episode of The CW series will be like.

The synopsis of the first episode of season 5 reveals what will be happening with Betty, Hughead, and Archie during episode 77 titled ‘Climax’, which will be marking a new beginning for the gang of The CW series.

And it was The CW, who made public the description of the next Riverdale episode that will develop in its plot from an investigation to the revelation of a secret that was kept very hidden. This will be the first minutes of season 5 according to the official synopsis:


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