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‘Superman And Lois’ Trailer: Meet The Kent Family

The new series of The CW will give a new twist to what we are used to seeing in character adaptations.

Within the superhero universe, certain characters have undergone so many adaptations for the small and big screen that the vision of more personal authors or, failing that, of new approaches that enrich their stories seems necessary. Superman and Lois is a series based on this second strategy; once we have already seen the adolescence of the Man of Steel (in Smallville ), we have met part of his family ( Supergirl ) or we have attended several adventures of his in the cinema (whether at the hands of Richard Donner or Zack Snyder ) it was time to refresh slightly to the character. And Greg Berlanti, supported by The CW, has found a way.

In this way, Superman and Lois will distance themselves from their most helpful reference (the 90’s series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ) to focus on the couple that makes up Clark Kent and Lois Lane, yes, but from a perspective that we had never seen. The new series of The CW (belonging to an Arrowverse where a large part of its series, from Arrow to Black Lightning, faces its final stretch) will tell the day to day of the two characters once they have married and have two children from whom look after. Tyler Hoechlin, who has already appeared in Supergirl, Batwoman or the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, will return to play the Last Son of Krypton, accompanied by Bitsiew Tulloch.

Superman and Lois will premiere its first season, made up of 13 chapters, on February 23, and will narrate how Clark and Lois have to combine their journalistic / superhero professions with the care of their offspring. A little less than two months after its launch, The CW has released a trailer for the series to get us started.



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