The Price Of Perfection Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast Details And Everything You Know So Far


The series, which is a mix of “Elite” and “Pretty Little Liars” has been talking about the Top of Brazil on Netflix since its debut. Therefore, we decided to investigate and bring the cast’s Instagram here so that you can get to know them and follow them. And look at that cool detail: the vast majority of them also have Dance as training!
The Price of Perfection” was another one of Netflix’s December releases and, in it, we see how the dance universe can be extremely competitive and inhuman. Something that may not be so strange to stop viewers, since we saw a similar approach in “Black Swan”.

In the series, which is based on the best-selling book by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra, ballerina Neveah Stroyer (Kylie Jefferson) is called to the Archer School of Ballet dance school in Chicago as a replacement for Cassie (Anna Maiche), another dancer who is in a coma after they tried to murder her by pushing her from the institution’s roof while she practiced choreography.

“The Price of Perfection” shows the competition of the Ballet universe and how the characters – even the “good ones” – have no qualms when it comes to their benefit. The highlight of the story goes to the incredible dance scenes, performed by most of the main cast, who are dancers in addition to actors! Super cool, right?

And, since we enjoyed the ten episodes of the Netflix plot, we decided to bring the interpreters closer by presenting their Instagram, as we usually do, for you to follow and get to know them more! Come on?

The series has been available on Netflix since December 14th and has 10 episodes for you to the marathon! So, will you give this story a chance?


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