The Umbrella Academy: Why Reginald Hargreeves Created and Named the Sparrow Academy


Based on the Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá comic book series, the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy is gearing up for its third season. Reginald (Colm Feore) is expected to play a major role alongside the cast.

After meeting his future adopted children in the 1960s, The Umbrella Academy character Reginald viewed them as weak and found it hard to believe they had turned out the way they did under his leadership.

After pointing out their flaws, Reginald made a note to stay away from these particular children if he ever had the opportunity to adopt miracle babies at The Umbrella Academy.

Also Reginald, a character from The Umbrella Academy, carefully considered that the Umbrella Academy name was a failure, choosing to go with Sparrow Academy by changing the timeline.

By choosing Sparrow Academy as the name of his superhero team in the 2019 altered version, Reginald is prioritizing kinship. He noticed the tension between the members of The Umbrella Academy and decided to build a replacement group.

The new name seems like the perfect title for a united team that is still at Reginald’s disposal. How the Sparrows will react to the other Hargreeves siblings is anyone’s guess, but it will certainly be a focal point of The Umbrella Academy season 3.


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