Zombie Land Saga Season 2: Release Date, Story And All Latest Updates


The most popular zombies in the history of the idol world will return in a few months to delight us with their unlikely performances

” Zombie Land Saga ” debuted during 2018 the first season of its anime, one that introduced us to a series of young zombies with potential and success as idols in their past lives, all to create the definitive group of artists. It was also during mid-2019 that we saw its anime season 2 confirmed, and now we finally find that the much-anticipated premiere is ‘just around the corner’.

Zombie Land Saga is back in action in a few months

Then we will leave you with the new promotional trailer for the second season of “Zombie Land Saga”, which confirms a premiere in April 2021 :

Thus, “Zombie Land Saga” will return to action during the spring season of this new year, taking the witness of what will be a very powerful winter programming. In this sense, we will remember that in a matter of days the broadcast of the continuations of many great animes of the current scene will start, such as “Beastars” or “The Promised Neverland”, among many others. In this guide, you will find all the details.

Regarding the second season of “Zombie Land Saga,” we will highlight that the majority of the staff repeats concerning the first season, also counting on the presence of MAPPA as the studio in charge of animation (via ANN ). In recent months we have seen how MAPPA has been targeting some of the most ambitious projects in the anime industry, such as “Attack on Titans” or “Jujutsu Kaisen”, and for now it seems that in 2021 they intend to follow the same path.

Zombie Land Saga Synopsis

” Sakura Minamoto is a high school girl who hopes to be an idol, but what she did not expect was to have to survive a terrifying zombie apocalypse … When she wakes up she is in Saga prefecture and a very scandalous man tells her that he has been around for a long time dead, but has resurrected her as a zombie to form a group of zombie idols alongside legendary girls from various eras. “


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