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Bigg Boss 14: Ijaz Khan Was Making Fun Of, Poona Punia Washed Away The Trolls

Ejaz Khan expressed his love for Sangeet Punia on Sunday in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. In front of Sunny Leone, Ejaz said in clear words that the holy settles in every heartbeat of his heart and he does not matter what will happen outside. He loves the holy and this is true. Now after this confession, different types of discussions started on social media. Some users started messaging Pavitra and trolled him with Ijaz as well. Pavitra has given a befitting reply to these trollers.

Pavitra posted a troll of trolls on Twitter, writing, in some clear and concise words for all those who are cursing me through #lioneijaz. You may bang your head at another door. The truth is that such poor comments and trolling will not work. And our understanding .. hahaha. it’s not easy to understand. That is why I am saying in good words #PAVIJAZ means stay away from the holy-age. ‘

Fans also supported:

On the other hand, fans of Pavithra and Ejaz have also broken up on social media. Fans are supporting this pair. Let me tell you that in Sunday’s episode Sunny Leone came to ‘Bigg Boss’ house as ‘Doctor Sunny Leone’. Then Ijaz said on Sunny’s questioning, ‘Every heart of my heart is holy. Whatever happens outside, I am ready.

Ejaz said – I think I love the holy one,

Ijaz further said, ‘Dil Kita hai tujhon ki Khoon mein. I hope you are waiting for me. I think I love the holy one. ‘

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