Cobra Kai: John Kreese’s Flashbacks Explained In Season 3


The long-awaited season 3 of ‘Cobra Kai’ finally arrived on January 1, and it was the first original on the Netflix streaming service since the series was originally born on YouTube. The fiction created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald arrived on the platform in mid-2020 and quickly positioned itself as one of the favorite content of viewers.

The premiere brought with it various positive reactions among fans, who hailed this new installment and asked to see the fourth season as soon as possible. However, there was something that did not finish closing among these fans and could be read on social networks: John Kreese’s flashbacks. What do they really mean?

Throughout this entire new season we witnessed a Kreese story, where his mother’s suicide is revealed and we see him being bullied by thugs, leading him to enlist in the military. During the Vietnam War his captain taught him the ruthless karate that he passed on in the future. After having his squad captured, he watched his companion’s fight to the death in a pit of snakes: there the name ‘Cobra Kai’ was born.

That is not the only revelation of the season, we also observe how he pushed his captain to death after he told him that his girlfriend had passed away, and it is where the toxic character of today originates. After this moment, Kreese frees his companions, but one of them, Terry Silver, thanks him for the rescue and tells him that he is in debt for life for saving his life.

Who is Terry Silver?

For movie fans, he will be a well-known person: Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith, is the main villain of ‘Karate Kid III’ (1989), where in a conversation he comments to Kreese: “What do you say about Vietnam? You saved my life many times. ” This means that the person calling Cobra Kai’s sensei at the end of season 3 is Silver, who was also a mentor to Daniel LaRusso, so we will surely have a new reunion in season 4.


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