Outlander: How old is actress Sophie Skelton and her character Brianna Fraser


Production on Outlander season 6 is about to begin, but some fans have been wondering the age of actress Sophie Skelton and her character, so this is what is known.

Actress Sophie Skelton was born on March 7, 1996, so she is currently 26 years old, but she will celebrate her 27 very soon and will surely talk about it like last year.

On her birthday last year, Sophie used her official Instagram account to celebrate her 26 years with her followers, in which she was happy for her day.

At the time she wrote, “Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! Making 26 proud and #notdrunkatall.” While her followers congratulated her on her day.

Whereas the role Skelton plays in Outlander, Brianna Fraser, is almost the same age as hers, well, 4 years older.

Brianna Fraser was born on November 23, 1948, so she is currently 23 years old in the series. According to the Outlander fandom website.


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