Citrus Season 2: Release Info, Rumors And All Updates Updates


It’s been almost three years since Citrus season 1 stopped. Since then, fans have been looking forward to another season of the yuri anime.

The audience gave a mixed response to the series, as it is one of those programs that you hate or love; there is no middle ground. However, it is worth checking, as it deals with a taboo relationship!

Citrus tells the story of Yuzu Aihara, a fashion extrovert, and her journey through a new high school experience. After his mother remarries, Yuzu is forced to transfer from the school, which is not a problem for her initially. However, the strict rules of the new school for girls only prevent it from being always in fashion.

Also, the student council president, Mei, is your stepsister! Yuzu tries (and fails) to make friends with Mei and starts teasing her. Before Yuzu can proceed, Mei pushes her to the floor and kisses her.

Stunned and speechless, Yuzu begins to question his half-sister’s motives, as well as experiencing a new flash of emotions flowing through her.

If you like Yuri or lesbian romance, Citrus can excite your inner beast!

Release date

Season 2 of Citrus has not yet received an official announcement about its release. We can expect it to be released in the summer of 2022, but not after that.

It’s been three years since the first season was released in 1, and the creators usually don’t take long breaks between seasons.

Also, Citrus received a mixed response from the public, with many negative reviews. Studio Passione, the studio in question, is also known for releasing one-season anime, so this further increases the possibility that the anime will not make it through another season.

However, there are many fans out there who are still waiting for the second season. As long as there are enough people to support the anime, there is always a chance to be renewed.

What to expect from season 2

The first season covered 1 volume of the original Citrus manga. There are 10 volumes in total, giving anime producers a lot of material to work with. Season 2 would continue the story of the 5th volume.

The first season was filled with intense tensions, love triangles, mixed feelings, and distractions. At the end of the season, Mei finally confessed to Yuzu about his true feelings.

Unfortunately, Yuzu was unable to give her an adequate response and therefore created a strange atmosphere. The second season could further explore their relationship, with Yuzu coming to terms with his feelings.

Where to Watch Citrus

About Citrus

Citrus is anime yuri produced by Studio Passione and licensed by Funimation. It was adapted from the manga of the same name.

The story follows Yuzu Airhara after her mother remarried and she was transferred to a new girls-only school. To his dismay, the school is extremely strict with equally serious students.

Yuzu, on the other hand, is extremely elegant and outgoing. On an unfortunate occasion, she stumbles upon Mei, the chairman of the school’s student council, who is stoic and stately. She strokes Yuzu to confiscate her cell.

To Yuzu’s surprise, Mei ended up revealing herself to her half-sister. She tries to befriend Mei but ends up being pushed to the floor and kissed by Mei.

Unable to process what just happened, Yuzu begins an entirely new life, exploring many sides of his sexuality, as well as discovering more about Mei.


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