Talentless Nana Season 2: Release Date And Know The All Latest Updates


Created by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya, Talentless Nana is a Japanese manga series that was published monthly in Square Enix’s Shonen Manga magazine. It has now been assembled in seven Tankobon volumes since May 2016. This Manga is also available in North America, all thanks to Crunchyroll and its digital publication of this series.

Recap of Nana without talent.

The last season released in this series left us on a cliffhanger. Nana was left helpless when she found Michiru lying unconscious in the water. However, to her luck, she still wasn’t dead and had a hint of breathing she could smell. The only problem – She didn’t have a cell phone to call for help or an ambulance. Now she has to figure out how to resolve this situation as she has to act fast or Michiru’s life is in danger.

To do her best, Nana decides to take Michiru to her room and dress her clean. Meanwhile, Michiru begins to cough and wheeze, which frightens Nana even more. Nana is worried that if she doesn’t get him to help her soon, she will eventually die from all this sweating and dehydration.

About Talentless Nana Season 2.

In the first season, Nana had the character of a hesitant killer and a ruthless assassin. However, in season 2 we see a change in his personality. No more manipulation can affect her, so she takes an oath to protect the talented. She’s also looking for the perfect time to tell people her full truth.

This search for a moment becomes difficult for her, as her actions so far have too often made her a suspect. All the other students started to be suspicious of her since she was also accused of being a murderer before and her reputation is not damaged a bit.

Although Nana tries to make amends, Nanao is still on her way. He seeks revenge on anyone he has felt betrayed and Nana is also on the list. He’s determined to use his cancellation powers to truly make him the evilest power against humanity.

Meanwhile, Nana suffers as she is accused of a murder for which she is not responsible. We expect Season 2 to help us figure out how Nana gets around this blame game and proves her name is proper this time around. Season 2 could also revolve around Nanao and he is looking for revenge. Will Nana be able to manage on her own this time, when everyone has turned their backs on her?

When will Talentless Nana season 2 be released?

The anime industry operates in unexpected ways. It takes years to assemble a production team with anime voices. So, for this reason, plans for an immediate return for the second season have yet to be made. However, we hope that will happen soon.


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