The Walking Dead: Release Date And What The Additional 6 Episodes Will Be About


The AMC network must deliver to the fans of the zombie series The Walking Dead, the 6 additional episodes that will end season 10, which were promised in mid-2020.

It is important to note that the next episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead will not narrate the main plot of the zombie program, but will be dedicated to telling the individual stories of some characters.

February 28, 2021, is the day that AMC plans to begin broadcasting the end of the tenth installment of the series, as announced in October last year.

Likewise, for the following episodes of The Walking Dead, new characters were added to the cast, who will be played by different guest actors, including Robert Patrick, who gave life to T-1000 in the famous Terminator movie.

And is that as fans know, each additional episode of season 10 will focus on one or more characters from the zombie series. Between these, Beta and Negan’s stories will be explored in depth. Next, this is the list of the titles of the next episodes and to whom each one will be dedicated

Episode 17 “Home Sweet Home”: Maggie, Daryl, Negan
Episode 18 “Find Me”: Carol and Daryl
Episode 19: “One More”: Gabriel and Aaron
Episode 20: “Splinter”: Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess
Episode 21: “Diverged”: Daryl and Carol
Episode 22: “Here’s Negan”: Carol, Negan, and Lucille

The Walking Dead will come to an end when Season 11 airs as announced during the SanDiego 2020 Comic-Con event, and is slated to hit screens in 2022.


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