The Weeknd Still In Love With Selena Gomez? This Gesture That Says A Lot


While it is known whether Selena Gomez is ready or not to embark on a new relationship, the 28-year-old singer once drew widespread attention when she found love with Justin Bieber or The Weeknd. Moreover, it seems that she always remains anchored in the mind of the latter, in any case, what the fans of the singer think. The reason?

The woman in Save Your Tears, the last clip of the Canadian artist who has just been unveiled, strongly resembles Selena Gomez and this did not escape Internet users who were convinced that The Weeknd voluntarily hired her.

On the Web, in any case, many have been the fans to point out: “We talk about the fact that the girl looks so much like Selena Gomez? This song is about her if you listen to it and the clip confirms it”, “This girl has a hairstyle and earrings similar to those of Selena in her music video Dance Again”, “She looks like Selena Gomez” one could read.

So, just coincidence or The Weeknd’s real desire to refer to his ex-girlfriend? The mystery remains unsolved. While waiting to learn more, a crazy rumor says that Chris Evans has been rejected by Selena Gomez because of Justin Bieber.


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