Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) Happy Dad, He Makes Adorable Revelations About His Daughter


In 2020, several celebrities became parents of adorable babies, starting with Rupert Grint, who entered the daddy box. Last April, the info concerning the pregnancy of actress Georgia Groome, companion of the star of the Harry Potter saga, ignited the Web. Just a month later, on May 7, the young woman gave birth to a baby girl named Wednesday.

Very discreet about their private life and their little family cocoon, it was only recently that fans were able to discover the first photo of this young lady. When Rupert Grint opened his Instagram account last November, he shared the first post with his daughter Wednesday in his arms.


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Moreover, very recently, the young 32-year-old dad made rare and tender confidences about fatherhood for the site. Showered with love by Wednesday, Rupert Grint said, “It was something I had never really imagined, that kind of love. It’s a very different love.

It’s very strange. It changed my perspective on things, but also in a useful way. ” As they say, fatherhood changes a man, and the Harry Potter actor did not break the rule … He is on a cloud! Let us now dwell on Emma Watson’s cash response when someone asked her if she had ever kissed Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint offset.


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