Talentless Nana Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Updates


Talentless Nana was an addition to the fall 2020 anime lineup that ended on December 27, 2020. Season 2 is an extremely anticipated sequel as the ending left viewers in suspense.

The battle of wits in each episode was enough to make us want more of Nana’s angelic psychotic behavior and the craving for more only increased with the final episode.

The anime’s setting is in a world where some humans have superhuman abilities and are called “the enemies of humanity.”

After several conflicts with said superhumans, the government decided to destroy these humans and disguised them as “accidents”.

One of these plans involves gathering adolescent skill users on remote islands under the pretext of giving them “special training” and then murdering them creating internal conflict.

Nana is a government agent who goes undercover to believe that these skill users are evil and thus sets out to kill them.

She poses as a skilled user and makes a place for herself among the students. Little does she know that there will be many ups and downs to this seemingly effortless mission.

The creators of Talentless Nana will not cancel the show after such an ending.

Release date

Season 2 of Talentless Nana has yet to be announced. We can expect it to launch in the fall of 2021 or the winter of 2022.

Talentless Nana has one of the best twists on anime that I have ever seen and so I like it, the cast is funny and the plot never seems too repetitive, oh and that final episode hit hard, I hope this show gets to put a season 2

Season 2 could have 13 episodes like its predecessor. After the success of season 1, Talentless Nana may be renewed for season 2.

What to expect from season 2

Season 1 ended at volume 4, chapter 28 of the manga, and season 2 will continue from chapter 29. There are 7 volumes in total, and the manga is still ongoing.

In the end, we saw that Nana had mixed feelings and began to question her motives and her past. He also lost a loved one. (To keep this spoiler-free, I’m not going to take any names)

Season 2 is going to be a great journey as so many things are revealed! We can get more information about the person to whom Nana must answer. We can also learn more about Kyoya’s sister and her true weakness.

About Talentless Nana

Written by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya, “Talentless Nana” is a suspense manga that debuted in 2016.

In the years to come, children with special powers are born and trained to fight monsters called “Enemies of Humanity.”

A special school located on a desert island is used to train them. However, Nanao, a student with no ability, joins the school and throws it into chaos.


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