The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date And All Latest Updates


The war between humans and demons is still going on and 3000 years have already passed. Bartra had a vision where a mighty army emerges, endangering the lives of humans. Hendrickson succeeds in using his powers to break the seal of the Demon Clan and after Dreyfus banishes him. He tells her that his job is done, that he can do whatever he wants since he has found new comrades. It was revealed that the vision was the rebirth of the Ten Commandments from devastation.

Giththunder and others set out to uncover the truth about Dreyfus’ death. Ban also helped the Fairy King’s forest rival. King has followed him with Jericho ever since he decided to leave the crew in search of something that could revive Ellaine. It is the story of a distant time when the realm of humans and demons has not yet separated. The 3000-year-old seal has been broken, the mighty race of Demons known as the Ten Commandments have been awakened.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment Season 4 Episode 1 premieres on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at 5:55 p.m. JST. This anime is also known as Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan. Watch this anime officially on Netflix since it is an original Netflix series and for more updates, you can also visit its official site at Let’s find out how Captain Meliodas, the sinful dragon, will protect humans below.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment Season 4 Episode 1 Summary

With recent developments from last season, here’s the sequel to Captain Meliodas and Elizabeth’s journey. The Ten Commandments want to end Britannia in bleeding and fear. The group of great sinners has decided to rise to counter the threat, they are legendary of an order of knights. They are called the Seven Deadly Sins, with the dragon sins captain Meliodas at their head. Meliodas manages to return Gowther to his normal form after being defeated by Diane.

Merlin casts a liberation spell to return Gowther to his true form so they can control him until the end of the battle. Meanwhile, the Ten Commandments wonder why Dreyfus made them wait too long. They are surprised to find a standing castle where there has been nothing for 300 years. One of them asks how he got there. It appears that an explosion of magical power radiated from the center of the castle.

The Ten Commandments:

The leader of the Ten Commandments, Zeldris, says there is no doubt that this is the work of Meliodas and that he will continue it. They decided it was better for them to rest first and restore their powers since he was sucked into the seal. Zeldris has asked his brother Estarossa for his opinion, who agrees with everything he says. Meanwhile, Meliodas doesn’t want to risk Elizabeth’s life by heading with her to the Ten Commandments.

He tells her that she should stay in the Kingdom for her safety. The fairies think Ban is their new king and Harlequin is the traitor. Besides Gerheade, she still thinks the king is Haliqrum. The next day, the elves thank Ban for helping the forest grow back. Meanwhile, the Ten Commandments make a move, and Melodias along with other clashes with the ancient weapon of the demonic race, a colossal beast called Albion.

Melodias uses his sacred treasure, Lostvayne, and demolishes the Albion. Hendrikson is in the woods, worried about having to guard and warn everyone about the demons. Hendrikson realizes that Zeldris’s priority is to rest and then attack. Later, he remembers Zedris saying that the effect of the seal of the goddesses had exhausted their magical powers. He thinks that if he warns the Seven Deadly Sins in time, they will have the benefit of striking now since the Ten Commandments are still weak.

King Harlequin:

Hendrickson doesn’t know some of them have already made a move. He swears he will bring Dreyfus back as he did when he helped him break the seal. Demons began to attack the forest of King Fary, Britannia, and other realms. The fairies realize that this is exactly like what happened 20 years ago when the demon race attacked. They have started destroying the forest and the creatures that live there and Jericho wants to warn Ban who is not there.

Harlequin vows to save the forest unless Ban isn’t there to fight back. King Harlequin drops a Chastiefol Spirit Spear in the fourth Sunflower configuration and defeats the demons. In the mountains, the Ten Commandments have seen their allies come down one after another. They realize that the Seven Deadly Sins have become stronger after these years.


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