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2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team Episode 1: Release Date, Plot And More Updates

The news from “2.43: Seiin Highschool Boys Volleyball Club”, a new volleyball anime spread like wildfire in the anime community. Everyone was excited to know what this is going to offer, and will they be able to overcome the current best sports anime series ‘Haikyuu’ or not?

Expectations are high and, here in this article, we are going to talk about every aspect of the show, which makes it interesting and worth the hype.

Release date and announcement

On June 18, David Production, through his official Twitter account, announced the anime adaptation of ‘2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu’. The new anime series is scheduled for release on January 21, 2021, as part of Fuji TV’s evening block.

Theory section

Back in November 2019, the new Volleyball- based light series was eyeing an anime adaptation, and this comes after much anticipation.

The title ‘2.43: Seiin High School Men’s Volleyball Club’ is a little fun and smart. 2.43 in the title describes the net adjustable height in Volleyball ie 2m 43cm.

About the studio

David Production will take care of the animation and art department of the new sports anime. They have some excellent credentials to support them and are known as ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’.

Other notable works by the studio are ‘Fire Force’ and ‘Cells at Work,’ both with detailed and captivating animation.

The plot of the anime

The Player of the high school volleyball team causes some serious problems and, as a result, is transferred to Fukui Prefecture and where he met his childhood friend. Both become the best combo of stars in the whole city, but in the finals, due to a misunderstanding, they fight a lot.

Now the two have joined the Seiin High School Volleyball Team, and along with other beginners and seniors, they aim to be the rising star in their city hall.

What can you expect?

It is a high school volleyball anime, much like Haikyuu, but different in scenery and themes.

2.43: Seiin Highschool Men’s Volleyball Club The premise looks promising and mature in some ways.

This is for those who like sports, especially volleyball. The Light Novel is full of fascinating rivals and exciting matches, just like the anime.

Production update

There is David Production, who is in charge of 2.43: Seiin Highschool men’s volleyball club, they will do their best to be loyal to the source, as well as to fulfill the January 2021 block.

Although there is no way to say whether coronavirus would be an obstacle or not. It has severely affected the anime industry and still has a big impact. There is a possibility that the anime could be delayed.

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