The Walking Dead: Bad News For Actress Samantha Morton Was Hospitalized


The Walking Dead series featured one of the show’s most evil villains, Alpha, played by Samantha Morton. But, it seems that the actress has health problems that she had to be hospitalized for COVID-19.

Before the return of the drama for additional episodes of season 10, actress Samantha Morton, who played Alpha on seasons 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead, revealed that she contracted COVID-19.

Samantha Morton took to her Twitter to announce that even though she contracted COVID, she is fine, on her own account. Morton also took this opportunity to thank the healthcare workers. In her own words:

The actress ended her thank you message with a plea for the others to wear a mask. Morton’s tweet is a reminder that professionals working in response to COVID-19.

Her character on The Walking Dead was one who survived by her own strength and did not depend on others for her comfort. Alpha, was a confident leader and demanded that Beta and the Whisperers show equal strength to survive as a pack.

The actress spent most of her time inside a zombie costume made from real dead people who are susceptible to a virus. But she is definitely not talking about a skin mask in the tweet above.

Although her role in the zombie series raised her level of fame, Samantha Morton is known as a fierce actress who has played significant roles.

Fortunately, she looks like she’s on the mend. While Morton probably won’t be returning to The Walking Dead, unless she appears in the anthology series that is in development.


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