Amber Heard Liar? Johnny Depp Unearths Overwhelming Evidence That Could Tip The Case In His Favor


Between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the tea towel burns. The actor has also just unearthed overwhelming evidence that could be favorable to him in the future.

A war that is not ready to end. Accused of having been violent with Amber Heard during their marriage, Johnny Depp continues to proclaim his innocence, affirming on the contrary that it is the actress who raised his hand on him. But these are not his only disturbing statements. The hero of Pirates of the Caribbean is also convinced that his ex-wife kept the $ 7 million from their divorce, a sum she had promised to give in full to charities. A detail confirmed by the actress’s lawyers: “Amber intends to fulfill her commitments. However, she has been delayed by Mr. Depp’s legal action. As a result, she has been forced to spend millions of dollars to defend herself against her false accusations.”

The only problem with this observation? Amber Heard pocketed all that money in 2017 when she officially divorced Johnny Depp after making a deal. As for the libel lawsuit, it only started in 2019. From then on, the actress had two years to donate these famous $ 7 million to charities, which was not fully done. , while she has always said so in the press. Simply put, the Aquaman star appears to have lied under oath. Is this proof that his testimony at the bar was flawed? For the moment, the judge in charge of the case has not reacted to this revelation which could change everything. Business to follow. Elsewhere in the news, know that amber Heard has been allowed to sue Johnny Depp again.


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