Grey’s Anatomy: A Mystery Haunts This Character From The Drama And Fans Seek To Reveal It


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy will air its next chapter in March via ABC, and as the date draws closer fans continue to review previous chapters to expose theories or errors in the plot.

This time the discussion on Reddit went back to the second season of Grey’s Anatomy when Izzie Stevens ( Katherine Heighl ) met one of her love interests on the show.

This is Denny Duquette, a recurring character from Grey’s Anatomy played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who after tragically dying before his love could say goodbye to him, inherited a large fortune from Izzie.

It is precisely about the origin of that fortune that Grey’s Anatomy fans on Reddit debated, pointing out that the origin of the money is a mystery, something that is never made clear in the series.

Some fans pointed out that the money could have come from life insurance. However, in an episode of the third season, Denny’s father makes it clear to Izzie in a meeting that the money belonged to his deceased son.

What Denny’s father doesn’t say is whether his family had money. Not even the character himself talks about his story. It was only known that he had heart disease and that he should receive a transplant.

Since there is no more expeditious way to discover the truth about this mystery, fans suggested that Denny Duquette should return to Grey’s Anatomy as he did in seasons four and five, to talk a little more about his life.


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