Amazon Prime Video: All Series Premiered In January 2021


A new month begins, but also a new year, in just two weeks. And with it, new series and movie titles land in the Amazon Prime Video catalog .

Three fictions of their own production – 3 Caminos, American Gods and Star Trek: Lower Decks – and one exclusively released on the platform – the long-lived La que se avecina – are the most anticipated releases of January 2021, but, in addition to the original Amazon Prime Video series come to the streaming service for many other titles and seasons.

You can take note of all the series that premiere on Amazon Prime Video in January 2021 below:

3 Paths

New original Spanish series from Amazon Prime Video, 3 Caminos follows the adventures of five young people who carry out the Camino de Santiago and whose trajectories intertwine as the story unfolds in three moments of their lives: 1996, 2006 and 2021 Each of them come from a different country and, through ‘flashbacks’ and ‘flashforwards’, we will witness their vital change between stories full of love, emotion, friendship and fear. They star Álex González , Verónica Echegui , Anna Katharina Schimrigk , Andrea Bosca and Alberto Jo Lee .

Premiere: January 22

The Looming One – Season 12 (Part 2)

The second part of season 12 of La que se avecina comes to Amazon Prime Video at the beginning of the new year to continue making us die laughing. The new episodes about the comings and goings of the residents of Mirador de Montepinar will once again put Fermín ( Fernando Tejero ), Lola ( Macarena Gómez ), Antonio Recio ( Jordi Sánchez ), Maite ( Eva Isanta ), Berta ( Nathalie) at their center Seseña ) and Amador ( Pablo Chiapella ). What new crazy things will happen in their lives in this new stage?

Premiere: January 8

American Gods – Season 3

The third installment of the television adaptation of the famous novel by Neil Gaiman promises to delight book lovers as it will take the protagonist to Lakeside, Wisconsin, a remote town where Shadow (Ricky Whittle) spends a great time. part of his time in the original story. There, under the identity of Mike Ainsell, the character will try to integrate into the city and meet characters that we were longing to see come to life, such as Hinzelmann, played by Julia Sweeney or the local newspaper reporter Marguerite Olsen ( Lela Loren ).

Premiere: January 11

Star Trek: Lower Decks

New title for lovers ‘trekkies’. Animated series with 30-minute episodes that follows a support team aboard one of the most useless ships in Starfleet. Created by Alex Kurtzman ( Star Trek: Discovery ) and written by Mike McMahan ( Rick and Morty ), the fiction has been described as crazy and surreal, but it promises to delight fans of animation and science fiction. Two in one.

Premiere: January 22

– Other series that are incorporated into the catalog-

James May: Oh Cook! – Season 1
Premiere: January 15

Tokyo Ghoul – Seasons 1-3
Premiere: January 15

South Park – Season 23
Premiere: January 21


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