It has rained a lot since the first season of ‘Game of Thrones’ and, although it was The Red Wedding that traumatized us the most, it was the death of Ned Stark that was the series’ declaration of intent. After eight seasons we have forgotten it, but those who saw the phenomenon from its beginning will remember how his beheading meant losing the one they believed would be the main protagonist of the series.

It is, for many, the most iconic death in the history of television. In full promotion of ‘Wolfwalkers’, an animated film by the great Tomm Moore, in which he is a voice actor, Sean Bean recalled with Entertainment Weekly the moment when he literally lost his head.

It was horror and disbelief that Joffrey changed his mind (about Ned’s exile), and then resignation and realizing that he was seeing his daughter for the last time, Arya. I was trying to think of various things. It wasn’t just, “Oh God, they’re going to cut my head off.” That mixed feeling is what made it what it was, I guess. It took me like a whole day to shoot it, but you have to focus on the fact that you are about to die for all that time. He was very into it at the time, so it helped. And everyone else’s reactions were fantastic: Cersei’s and the kids’. It was very moving, with a lot of meaning in that scene. Then I put my head on the shelf and called it a day.

‘Wolfwalkers’, voiced by Sean Bean in its original version, is also available in Spain through Apple TV +.


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