Sony tends to bet on projects that, a priori, tend to back down, or that no one would bet on them, but the play is going well in recent years and we refer to the tests. ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’, which generated enormous levels of haterism as soon as it was announced, ended up raising close to a billion dollars, becoming one of the hits of the year, and that is already filming its sequel. ‘Venom’, a film that was not very funny to anyone since it did not have ‘Spider-Man’, and of which the actors themselves spoke, let’s say, regular, has already been close to 900 million at the box office in just two months.

And another clear example would be one of the surprises of the Christmas season in the United States: ‘Spider-Man: a new universe’, an animation film with the most famous wall-crawler as the protagonist. but instead of having Peter Parker face Visible, Sony opted for Miles Morales, much loved by the Marvel fandom, but controversial in his day, and a risky choice, even more so considering that we have Tom Holland with the MCU. But it has worked so well with the public and critics, that Sony has already given the green light not only to a sequel but to various spin-offs. In fact, Amy Pascal, head of Sony, has stated that everything is already underway: We are definitely working hard on the sequel. 

Phil Lord, the producer of the film, took advantage of an interview on Instagram to comment on news about the production, stating that it continues despite the Coronavirus:

‘Spider-Man: A New Universe 2’ Release Date

The release date chosen for the film is April 8, 2022. For now there are no powerful premieres in that month, except for a Dream works project still untitled.

It should also be taken into account that Sony is planning several spin-offs of this new universe, so the progress of these projects will also influence the final release date.

‘Spider-Man: A New Universe 2’ Synopsis

The first installment ends with Miles Morales returning all of the different ‘Spider-Man’ to their realities, but we find that there is another much easier way to connect with those alternate universes, as Miles and Gwen Stacy speak at the end of the movie.

Amy Pascal, ex-president of Sony, and now producer of films like ‘ Little Women’, ‘Barbie‘ or all the films of ‘Spider-Man’ and related to the superhero, has recently spoken about the plans for the sequel and has dropped that we will see a love story between Miles Morales and Gwen that was left out of the first installment. From Sony they want to give a lot of prominence to the women of the Spidey universe, so Gwen will be the base of this new batch of films because there will be, and many.

There is recently confirmation of a series of spin-offs focused on Gwen Stacy, but also on Spider-Woman (with the identity of Jessica Drew). And also Silk! How many ‘Spider-Man’ identities do we have left to see?

‘Spider-Man: A New Universe 2’ Characters

Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld, who voiced Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, will almost certainly return in this sequel. In fact, it would be quite surprising if they didn’t. Sony would not have announced the second part without having them confirmed.

Other than that, we don’t know if we’ll ever see ‘Spider-Noir’ (voiced by Nicolas Cage), Penni Parker or ‘Spider-Ham’ again, so that part of the casting remains a mystery. From Sony they want to introduce Silk, and also ‘Spider-Punk’, in addition to ‘Spider-2099’. We can see the latter in the post-credits scene, and with the voice of Oscar Isaac, so it is presumable that we will see him again in the sequel.

The one we will also see is the one known as Japanese Spider-Man: the young Takuya Yamashiro receives arachnid powers when a warrior from the planet Spider gives him a bracelet and injects his own blood to fight against Professor Monster and his diabolical Army of the Cross. of iron.


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