The Big Bang Theory: Penny’s Sister Was Omitted By The Comedy Writers


From the beginning of The Big Bang Theory, viewers may remember that Penny mentioned that she had a sister. However, the character was nowhere to be seen during Leonard and Penny’s wedding.

Throughout the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Penny mentioned her sister on multiple occasions including at one point, it was confirmed that she was married and had a child, considering that Penny went out to buy a comic for her nephew.

But despite all those stories, Penny’s sister never appeared on the series the rest of her family doesn’t even mention her at all. This is noteworthy, as his absence could always be explained in The Big Bang Theory.

Whether the character was forgotten in the episode or the writers chose not to address her absence, The Big Bang Theory would at least make one last mention of Penny’s sister when her father Wyatt confirmed that the character’s name was Lisa.

We will never know who Lisa was, and we will never know why she, her husband, and her son missed their sister’s big wedding. The enigmatic character is just another mystery in the puzzle that is Penny’s family from The Big Bang Theory.

There is still a lot to learn about Penny’s family. Perhaps, after Young Sheldon, there is room for another spinoff of The Big Bang Theory that could finally uncover these mysteries.


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