Blindspot Season 6: will NBC release a sixth season in this series?


The mind-blowing and worth watching American crime drama “Blindspot” was canceled after Season 5. The creators revealed that Season 5 was the show’s final and final season, and now you may think this show is being deleted from the NBC registry, and now they won’t be releasing any new seasons in this show. Earlier, rumors circulated that a new season of this series could be seen soon, but the creators demolished all those rumors and officially made the announcement.

Throughout Blindspot’s five seasons, these actors were called back to the forefront and performed all of the roles very well. The cast list includes Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Madeline Burke, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Bethany Mayfair, Ukweli Roach as Robert Borden, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Luke Mitchell as Roman Briggs, Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Jaimie Alexander as Remi Briggs, Michelle Hurd as Ellen Briggs and Audrey Esparza as Natasha Zapata.

Johnny Whitworth as Markos, Logan Schuyler Smith as Sawyer, Michael Gaston as Thomas Carter, Trieste Kelly Dunn as Allison Knight, Jay O. Sanders as Bill Weller, Jordana Spiro as Sarah Weller, Lou Diamond Phillips in that of Saúl Guerrero, Joe Dinicol in that of David Wagner, John Hodgman in that of Jonas Fischer and François Arnaud in that of Oscar are the recurring actors. They’ve almost all been present in all five seasons of this breathtaking and amazing NBC series, and they’ve all been truly perfect in every season.

These are the other important actors in this series, who have played some amazing roles. This list includes Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Stuart, Julee Cerda as Ivy Sands, Chaske Spencer as Dominic Masters, Britne Oldford as Claudia Murphy, Bill Nye as a fictional version of himself, Reshma Shetty as Megan Butani, Tracie Thoms as Arla Grigoryan, Tori Anderson plays Blake Crawford, Kristina Reyes plays Avery Drabkin, Raoul Bhaneja plays Richard Shirley, David Morse plays Hank Crawford and David Clayton Rogers plays Ice Cream.

No new season means no new trailer and more entertainment from this series. It sounds disappointing and disheartening, and we know fans aren’t happy with this decision from the creators either. Now, all of the main, recurring, and guest cast members of this series are going to be truly missed, as no one will be able to see all of these amazing, perfect, dedicated actors on their screens any more. We have nothing more to share with you about this series, and these are the main creators’ disappointments with the Blindspot series.


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