‘Malcolm and Marie’, With Zendaya and John David Whasington, Presents Its First Trailer For Netflix


Shot in just 6 days, with just two actors and a director. Zendaya and John David Whasington took care of her makeup and wardrobe themselves. This was the very special and intimate filming of ‘Malcolm and Marie’, created in full confinement with minimal equipment. However, its two protagonists and its director, the creator of ‘Euphoria’ and director of ‘Wild Nation’, Sam Levinson, foreshadowed something that seems to be confirmed with the trailer.

Netflix has a jewel in its hands, a movie that could become his ‘Story of a marriage’ (Noah Baumbach, 2019) this season, and that could boost him in the race for the awards. Telling the intimate story of a couple, with its corresponding share of love and crisis, its only two actors already seem clear favorites to occupy all the prize pools. Of course, it’s hard to think of two more up-and-coming performers than the ‘Tenet’ lead and the Emmy winner for ‘Euphoria’. Together, in this stark black and white story where their interpretive work will surely shine, they could devastate and, who knows, end someone with a golden statuette in their hands.

‘Malcolm and Marie’ will premiere directly on Netflix on February 5, just in time to be considered for the delayed big awards in the industry.


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