When Does Raya And The Last Dragon Disney Movie Come Out? Know Plot, Cast And Streaming

Raya And The Last Dragon

During the biennial event D23 Expo, held between 23 and 25 August 2019, Disney usually announces the projects and innovations arriving over the following years. From film to TV series, passing through the streaming platform next to its debut, Disney +, La Casa di Micolino once again this year has reserved much interesting news for the public attending the event. After having released new information on films such as Star Wars IX, The Eternals, the animated film Soul, Frozen 2, and Onward, Disney has announced a new unreleased film entitled Raya and The Last Dragon, coming in 2020.

What is Raya and the Last Dragon about? The first advances regarding the plot of the Disney film reveal that the protagonist is a warrior from the kingdom of Kumandra and her team of outsiders. Their goal is to find the last dragon, to restore peace and tranquility to the kingdom. During the D23 Expo it was also discovered that although the story takes place in a fantasy world, it is full of references to Southeast Asia and its culture, as well as natural landscapes.

Jennifer Lee, creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios, took part in the dedicated panel, which presented the film’s art crew. The directors will be Paul Briggs and Dean Wellins, already known for works such as Big Hero 6, Frozen, The Princess and the Frog, and Zootropolis. Instead, the script came to life thanks to Adele Lim ( Crazy & Rich ).

As Deadline writes, those present at the panel were able to take part in the screening of a short clip, where the following words can be heard:

Cast, voice actors, and characters

At the moment, we only know of two members of the cast of voice actors who will take part in the project of Raya and the Last Dragon. The names of the two actors who will give voice to the main characters of this story have been announced: Raya and the dragon Sisu. The two protagonists will have the voices of Kelly Marie Tran, who replaces Cassie Steele, and Awkwafina, one of the faces of Ocean’s 8. The same actress will also make her appearance in the live-action dedicated to The Little Mermaid.

Official photos and images

The day before the launch of the trailer, the first official poster was also released.

During the Disney D23 Expo 2019 event, a moving photo of the concept art linked to the Raya and the Last Dragon project was also released. The official image shows the protagonist with her faithful steed.

When is Raya and the Last Dragon released? Disney movie release date

So when does the Pixar Soul movie come out? Disney has announced the release date of Raya and the Last Dragon at the event D23 Expo, staring at his debut in November 2020, only to be forced to postpone it. The film will arrive in American theaters and simultaneously on Disney + on March 5, 2021. To see it, in addition to the subscription price, it will be necessary to pay premium access, as happened for Mulan’s live-action.

Raya and the Last Dragon streaming film

There are no longer any doubts regarding where to see the Disney movie Raya and the Last Dragon in streaming. In fact, like a Pixar Disney product, it is one of those films that, after the theatrical release, will debut on the Disney + platform. Raya and the Last Dragon will be available for streaming on Disney + a few months after the debut in theaters only by paying the subscription.

So if after the release date of the Pixar film you search on Google for Raya and the Last Dragon Disney movie streaming ITA, the only website where you can see the product online will be Disney +.


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