Chris Evans Could Return As Captain America In The MCU


Chris Evans could return as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a series or a movie, but confirmation is missing.

Marvel Cinematic Universe and Chris Evans fans get ready, as the actor will likely be returning as Captain America. Some sources have stated that Chris Evans is ready to return as Steve Rogers in the future of the MCU. It is not clear for the moment if the actor has already signed a contract, but the insiders say that it seems that it is now a short time.

Chris Evans is expected to return as Captain America in at least one Marvel project, if not a movie as well. The sources say that it is very unlikely that this is a new chapter dedicated entirely to Steve Rogers, but that it is a similar path to that of Robert Downey Jr., the actor, after three films on Iron Man, is back in the role of his character in extra films, such as Captain America Civil War and Spider-Man Homecoming.

For the moment it is still unconfirmed news, and in fact, Marvel has not released comments on it.

However, it is not clear why this choice by Chris Evans, who after Endgame had firmly declared that he would never return as Captain America. This is also demonstrated by the scene where Steve Rogers gives his shield to the character of Anthony Mackie, who will also have his series on Disney +. Maybe in the last few months, things have changed, and it was decided to bring Chris Evans back in the role of Captain America, and the actor was convinced. It seems that Marvel Studios and Evans have reached a shrewdness in this regard, in the first days of 2021.

How and if Chris Evans will return as Captain America is still unknown but the options are almost endless. Between TV series, new films, and other projects, Steve Rogers will be able to return in many ways, you just have to find out which will be chosen by Marvel Studios. But surely we would be really happy even if this possibility managed to materialize.


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