Chris Evans Responds To Return Rumors As Captain America


Chris Evans has responded to rumors of his alleged return as Captain America but remained vague: here’s what he said

As we have already told you, In the hours following this rumor, which seems to be close to confirmation, the many Marvel fans vented their joy on social media, also reaching Chris Evans, who responded to the rumors of his alleged return as Steve Rogers.

The actor, in fact, as a great use of social networks, wrote a very vague sentence on Twitter, without referring to the question. However, his words were directed precisely at the issue, given the wide debate that is being done on social media. Chris Evans wrote on Twitter: “For me it is new”. This sentence, if it refers to the matter, is meant to imply that it is the first time Chris Evans has heard of his return to the MCU. The actor would therefore like to make fans understand that he has never signed any contracts. So he wouldn’t be in talks with Marvel Studios right now.

This response to the rumors circulating on the web, however, could be the result of a non-disclosure contract, signed in advance by Chris Evans. In the past few months, a similar situation has occurred for Tatiana Maslany with She-Hulk, and for Mads Mikkelsen when she replaced Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts. Both actors had denied their involvement with their respective projects after the leak. They had claimed that they had never been contacted by Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. Then when the news was confirmed by the respective production houses, the lie of the two actors was discovered. Clearly, in the preliminary stages of a project, those who are part of it are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, i.e. contracts that prohibit talking about the realities on which they are working.

We don’t know if Chris Evans is fulfilling a type of contract like the one mentioned, or if he never met Marvel Studios for the return of Captain America. Only soon we will be able to have confirmation of what was rumored or receive the blow to discover that it was unfounded rumors.


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