Diana playing the piano, Kate painter and other secret skills of the royals that you could not even imagine


A few days ago a video of Diana of Wales playing the piano came to light during a tour that she and Prince Charles did in Australia in 1988. It was not a novelty that the Princess knew how to play this instrument but she did do it SO well, something that could not be verified until this moving image emerged. And, at that very moment, her then-husband was also able to play the cello, an instrument he masters and has rarely used in public. But is it that the royals are more than almost fairy tale beings who know how to wear tiaras and crowns with skill? Yes, they also have hobbies and (not so) secret skills, some truly mind-blowing.


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In reality, the public life of royalty takes up very little space compared to their private life. We know VERY little about that and, as is logical, they have their hobbies, their entertainment, their vices and their hobbies, like the rest of the world. And among murmurs from relatives, rediscovered photos and videos, and investigating a little, it has been discovered that the Windsors are a real box of surprises.

The very Elizabeth II hosts more skills in unexpected addition to having extensive knowledge of mechanics. And then you can continue to FLIP with what the Windsors know how to do … and that you could not even imagine.


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