Emma Watson (Harry Potter) And Leo Robinton Parents In Secret? These Adorable Photos Of The Couple Make Fans Go Wild


This is the rumor that panics the Web! Emma Watson and her darling Leo Robinton could be parents in secret if we believe these adorable photos of the couple.

While she is usually very discreet about her private life, Emma Watson recently appeared in the company of her boyfriend Leo Robinton. The two lovebirds were photographed more accomplices than ever during a walk in London. An idyll that now seems solid and well on its way to last! It could even be that the couple has taken a big step in the biggest secrecy. According to rumors circulating on social networks, the star of the Harry Potter saga and the Californian businessman are relatives in secret if we are to believe these unexpected clichés which raise doubts.

In these images shared by a user on Twitter, Emma Watson and Leo Robinton appear with a baby in their arms. “Congratulations to Emma and Leo on their recent birth,” she wrote in the caption, maddening fans in the process. Did the two lovers have a child in secret? In reality, the answer is no. And for good reason, the tweet behind this post clarified that it was a joke for the Day of the Holy Innocents celebrated on December 28 in Spain, equivalent to April Fool’s Day in France. Elsewhere in the news, discover the details of the meeting between Emma Watson and Leo Robinton.


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